Iceland Postcards

These picture was shot during a tour I had in Iceland at August. I consider these picture like just Iceland Postcards because a that time I wasn’t already used in thinking a Photographic project before shooting. My friends and I decided to spend our holidays visiting this strange land; we found out an entire new magical world, Iceland. That land was named the place where ice and fire came together, and that description was completely true! Gigantic glaciers, pound of hot bubbling mud, geyser erupting every 10 minutes and hundred of miles of stony road, apparently without live.

I had not already thought about giving a style to my work, I was just fascinated by the possibility to create some pictures by myself. When my imagination was captured by a scene or an event, I clicked the shutter. I think, now, that a sort of unconscious style is present. All the pictures are deeply saturated and speak very loud their presence; they wanna to be seen! I had not already attended any photographic class at that time and the pictures in my mind are just the ones I had seen in advertisements and newspapers; nothing more sophisticated than “ Iceland Postcards”, made to capture your eyes.


6 Comments on “Iceland Postcards

  1. Erny says:

    Ciao! ho visto le tue foto e mi piacciono molto, complimenti!

    1. admin says:

      Grazie mille !!! Per caso questa risposta al tuo commento ti è arrivata ???


    2. admin says:

      Questa risposta ti arriverà di sicuro!!!


      1. Erny says:

        Si si, adesso mi è arrivata !!!!

  2. Enrico Pani says:

    Complimenti Stefano, sono tutte molto belle!

    1. Fabio says:

      complimenti steve

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